Friday, November 12, 2010

A quick break from that shitty list

Here's some of the noteworthy transactions (and rumours) that involve the Jays. This is just a summarization of the stuff on MLBTR, so just check that out if you want to avoid looking at this blog for too long. Most of this post is just what they said, but re-written by a 9th grader, so i would recommend just reading it there.

A's claim Edwin Encarnacion

I think this just guarantees Brad Emaus starting at third this year. I don't see the Jays going after a 3B in free-agency, simply due to the lack of quality players, and unless AA works some magic via trade (Gordon) its Emaus's job to lose.

Dewayne Wise/ Brian Tallet hit free- agency

They both refused outright claims to AAA, so now the Jays only have 11 arbitration eligible players. Wise is a poor man's Fred Lewis, and Tallet has only his mutton chops going for him. This was a surprise to no-one that they're gone.

Buster Olney says stuff

Some interesting tidbits here. Olney states that the Rays are willing to move Upton, and would not have to be overwhelmed to pull the trigger on a deal. He also says that the Yankees are interested in Buck, but not as interested the Red-Sox, i don't really understand the Red-Sox interest. That could be because im a hge believer in Saltalammachia, but i guess it would be nice to have some depth catching. He also talks about how Downs compensation pick could be a second or third rounder, due to higher ranking free-agents being signed by the same team.


As you've probably heard on other blogs that aren't lazy fucks, the Jays are interested in Greinke. I doubt we get him though. Also Alex Gordon.

On the coaching staff:

Fuckin' A. I love our staff

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