Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Potential Jays Trade Targets (A.L Central)

Cleveland Indians

Matt LaPorta 1st Base
Matt LaPorta was the centrepiece in the C.C Sabathia deal that sent C.C over to the Brewers, so he was once a very highly touted prospect. A bit of the shine has come of though in recent years as his career MLB line is a meek .232/.307.308. He's always raked in the minors though, and his MLB career walk rate is a healthy 9%, and although his k-rate is a little high (21%) if the power comes around it shouldn't be a problem. He is a right handed bat, so Rogers Centre may help his power come into fruition a tad. He's a bit of a brick in the field, with an UZR/150 of -5.7, but you can live with that from your first basemen. 

I don't think the Indians would be willing to part with Carlos Santana (Casey BLake!!!!) or Shin-Soo Choo, so I'm going to leave it there for now.

Kansas City Royals

Billy Butler 1st Base
Another first basemen. Like AA said, it's the easiest position to obtain talent. (he did say that, right? After the Wallace trade?). Butler has had consecutive strong years at the dish, and although he clubbed less home runs this year, he did manage to raise his BB-rate to 10.2, and lower his K-rate (13.1%). His power numbers would go up in Rogers Centre anyways. He's about the same fielder as LaPorta, and wouldn't be much of a detriment to the ball club that way.

I wouldn't go anywhere else with the Royals. I like our pitching staff enough without Greinke, and I think Kila Ka'aihue's ship has sailed (unfortunately). The Jays have too much outfield depth to obtain Alex Gordon IMO, and from what knowledge I've managed to glean from Rany on the Royals, Most of the young outfielders on their club are career fourths. Joakim Soria would be nice, but how much are you willing to give up for a man that at maximum provides a WAR around 2.5.

Detroit Tigers

Daniel Schlereth RP
Schlereth, a part of the three-way Granderson trade, had a cup of coffee in the majors last year, and impressed. In 18 2/3 innings he had an era of 2.89, a k/9 of 9.16 and managed to scrape together a BB/9 of 4.82. He's still young (24) and could be the closer for next year.

Looking at the slew of young hitters for Detroit is kind of misleading. When I see Austin Jackson, I see a k-rate of 27.5 and a BABIP of .396. Although he has great speed, he will not be able to post a BABIP that high with any consistency. He walks at a decent clip, but he's not a viable leadoff candidate due to the k's. He could still provide value to the Ja- Oh right, the Tigers would demand a king's ransom in return. No thanks. Brennan Boesch strikes out far too often, and has only only had one season with justifiable power numbers to counter-act that (his 2008 AA season). Don Kelly is a non-entity.

Minnesota Twins

Alexi Casilla Middle Infield
He walks at a decent clip (7.6%) doesn't strike out much (11.2%) provides decent OBP (.331), and is quick. According to Fangraphs his 'Speed rating' is 8.0. I have no idea how it's calculated, so please, don't ask. He had an UZR of 4.0 in 2010. All of his stats cited in this paragraph are 2010 only. His 2009 season was atrocious, please also note that he didn't play much in 2010 (170 Major league PA's).

I don't really fancy any of the Twins young hitters currently in the Bigs, and their pitching philosophy of 'pound the strike zone with below-average fastballs' doesn't really fly with me. Call me old fashioned but I do like a nice 95mph heater. 

Chicago White Sox

Chris Sale SP/RP
Wish the Jays would have drafted this kid. He was lights out for the 'Sox last year, with a K/9 of 13.34, a BB/9 of 3.86 and a FIP of 2.74. It's not like he got lucky either, as his BABIP was an average .278. Have him as your Closer or have him be the swing-man of the rotation, keeping everyone's innings low.


  1. Re: The Royals: I disagree with you on Gordon. He was considered an adequate defender at 3B, why not move him back there? Bautista said in an interview last week that he wants to be in RF, so this would help in both spots. It would also allow for a Lind/Encarnacion Platoon at 1B, with a rotating DH. I also think the Jays are a logical match for the Royals (Talent/money wise) for a Greinke trade.

  2. I'm kind of hoping that AA pursues a 3B prospect this winter, a la Juan Francisco. So thats why i wouldn't want Gordon. Prospects are just more fun. The Jays would be a good fit for Greinke $-wise, but am loathe to part with Kyle Drabek, who kind of reminds me of Greinke. In the fact that they both have decently high GB% and don't K as many people as their stuff should allow. Greinke's also got limited no-trade, that blocks 20 clubs in 09-10, and 15 in '11, So the Jays might not even be on his OK list. His 2009 season might have been an illusion as well, as his homerun/ flyball ratio was ridiculously low (4.5%) even though his GB% was only 40%, as opposed to 2010 when it sprang up to 46%. Don't get me wrong, I love Greinke, and it'd be great to watch him pitch in a Jays uni, but there are a lot of hurdles to hurdle, and I'm not sold on Greinke's Ace-hood yet.