Thursday, December 2, 2010

Non-tender Musings

Sorry that i haven't really been updating this blog, though I doubt anyone really reads it anyways, because fuck blogs. Anyways, i've been a bit overloaded with homework recently, so that is the cause of my absence from this increasingly shitty blog.

Now, to actual baseball. MLBTR recently released the lists of non-tender for the National and American leagues. I wont link to them because i'm having a fuck of time trying to get it to work, so if you care that goddamn much, go find it yourself.

Anyways, i've decided, because studying is a bitch, that I'll try too see if any of them fit the Jays

Matt Albers RP
If I were AA I would either try to land Albers for a very low price, or extend him an invite to spring training (I would also enjoy greek salad). He's been moderately effective out of the pen for the orioles, and while he'll never (ever) blow anyone away (career K/9 rate of 5.84) he'll provide consumption of innings. He'll never be great, but he'll at least be better than Brian Tallet right?

Bobby Jenks RP

Sign him. Right now. Now.  RIGHTFUCKINGNOW. Holy shiiiit, do the White Sox look like fucking senile blowhards on this one. Yes, his ERA was 4.44 last year, but his FIP was fucking 2.59, while his XFIP was 2.62. He's still only 29 or 30 (I can never tell on those (3/14/1981 things), he just had his best season since 2007, his K-rate was over 10/9, he walked just over 3/9, and he had a ground ball rate of 58%. He's not Mariano Rivera, but he'll fucking do. Sign the guy to a 1-2 year deal at say, 3.5 per, and huzzah, closer problem solved. (I don't actually believe strongly in the concept of closers, but they're nice to have, aren't they?)

Zach Miner RP

either him or Albers, take your pick.

Hideki Okajima RP/Organizational consultant

OK, this one's a little outside the box, but sign Oka-cheese to a deal, let him retire as an MLB-er, and let him stay on as head of Japanese scouting or something, or if AA deems he's not intelligent enough to head a major office like that, keep him as a personal baseball/english for any potential pacific rimmers to come to the Jays.
(i didn't do any research on this one, because really, who gives a shit)

I'll do the NL tomorrow, because i'm a lazy fucker.

In slightly related notes, the Jays did tender Dustin 'bow down to my mutton chops' Mcgowan.

They're also pursuing AJ Piersyzinski. I literally fucking hate him. Apparently they're close to a deal but fuck, i want to see the AAA fucking MVP catch.

Note: Joe Cowley is a lying pig-fucker.

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